Session on Tourism
Session on Tourism
Speakers :
Mr. Mathew Samuel, Special Secretary-Port
Mr. Sunill Thoppi, Vice President, McCann Erickson India
Mr. Ajit Koujalgi, INTACH

Mr. K. Amarnath Inaugurated the Session and Introduced the Speakers

Excerpts from the session
Mr. Mathew Samuel – Topic: Tourism Infrastructure

Tourism will contribute to good lifestyle of our people. We have to build on Pondicherry’s peaceful and stress-free aspect, good air and water and the spiritual atmosphere to promote tourism. Protection of heritage and preservation of culture is important. Quality infrastructure and connectivity is an integral part of any tourism sector. Adequate information for tourists is lacking at present, and we must look into it. Karaikal, Yanam and Mahe have fantastic places that can be tourist destinations, especially eco-tourism can be promoted. While promoting tourism, we should not lose our values. Responsible tourism is very important. Civic sense is also equally important.

Mr. Sunil Thoppil – Topic: Branding & Positioning

Branding is important to promote a place as a tourist destination. Tourism is a niche market. Tourists like new places, new packages. There are more young tourists nowadays who plan well in advance before they go on travel. So, good advertising is important. The Pondicherry tourism campaign was initially planned for weekend getaways. It had a good reach. Preserving and conservation of heritage is also important.

Mr. Ajit Koujalgi – Topic: Tourism Infrastructure

It is not just monuments and temples, but an environment to walk freely in the city is important. Future branding campaigns should take architecture into consideration. We need to control further development of the town if we need to preserve it – it has already destroyed architecture and quality of life. We need new growth areas outside the boulevard so that the old town can be protected. Pondy has to become a better place for Pondicherrians first, and tourists will automatically come. Pondicherry has the potential to become a great tourist destination.

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