Session on Quality of Life
Session on Quality of Life
Speakers :
Mr. Vasanthakumar Reddy: Director, Agriculture, Govt. of Puducherry
Dr. P. H. Anantha Narayanan: Director-Professor, HOD-dept of Bio Chemistry, JIPMER
Mr. Hemant Lamba: Auroville Renewable Energy, CSR Office, Auroville
Mr. Prashant Hedao, Regional Planning Co-Ordinator, L’avenir d’Auroville

Mr. T. Rajarajan, Vice-Chairman, CII Puducherry Inaugurated the Session

Excerpts from the session

Mr. Prashant Hedao – Topic: Environment-Natural resources

Development is important, but at the same time, environment must be preserved. He spoke about preserving natural resources like sand dunes, backwaters and forests. He also said that green cover and water systems must be kept intact when we are developing. He also stressed on the importance of education on environment protection.

Mr. Vasanthakumar Reddy – Topic: Environment-Water

Pondicherry earlier had good water at shallow levels, but groundwater level has been decreasing over the years. Population increase, climate and environment changes have a direct bearing on stress on land and water resources. 100% of drinking water in Pondicherry is groundwater only. If we continue to depend on groundwater, there is every possibility of seawater intrusion in the near future. We might come to a stage where we have to buy drinking water. Industrial pollutants to water have also increased in the recent years. This is dangerous and must be checked. With numerous tubewells in Pondicherry, there is high possibility that salt water intrusion can take place quickly. Once saltwater comes in, in cannot be sent back as it has higher density. In future, we must construct tanks and use the preserved water for drinking.

Dr. P. H. Anantha Narayanan – Topic: Healthcare

A sound mind in a sound body is essential for a healthy life. Unless we have clear, safe drinking water, good health is not possible. Proper food and nutrition is important for a healthy living. Malnutrition is a concern these days – both under-nutrition and over-nutrition. Lifestyle diseases are increasing, and India is already the capital of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Right type of food and living is important. People must be educated about good health and on how to lead a proper lifestyle. It must also be noted that elderly population is also increasing. So, we must take care of their health also.

Mr. Hemant Lamba – Topic: Quality of Life

Natural resources like land and water must be preserved. Development must not happen at the cost of environment destruction. We need to build a growth scenario which is low-energy and low carbon as Pondicherry is a small place. We are also in a situation where we need policing over water, that is, monitor water pollution and water usage. We also need to preserve air quality. A health quality of life is very important. We cannot sacrifice this. Pondicherry should also develop spiritually.

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