Session on Infrastructure and Planning
Session on Infrastructure and Planning
Speakers :
Mr. A. Anbalagan, Member of Legislative Assembly
Mr. G. R. K. Reddy: CMD, Marg Ltd
Mr. Ragavendra Raghuttama Rao: MD, ICRA Management Consulting Services Ltd
Mr. D. Dhanuraj: Co-Ordinator, Janagrahaa
Ms. Sunaina Mandeen: PondyCAN

Mr. Krishnamurthy, Ex MLA and Mr. Sivakumar, MLA Participated in the Session

Excerpts from the session

Mr. A. Anbalagan – Keynote address

People awareness should be created about development required for their region and state. People should be educated to ask questions if something is not right in the government. Everyone should collectively work towards bringing development to Puducherry. The government should also have a long-term vision.

Mr. G. R. K. Reddy – Topic: Infrastructure Development and Planning

Infrastructure development is important, but there must be proper planning. Almost every city is facing shortage of land and space. As density of people is concentrated in limited space, so there is congestion. Development has to hence go outside the cities.

Mr. D. Dhanuraj – Topic: Urban Planning

City Connect is an initiative undertaken by CII and Janaagraha and carried out in cities like Chennai and Bangalore for urban development. Chennai is close to Pondicherry which is a strength. The development in Chennai will also influence Pondicherry’s development. Through City Connect, suggestions can be given to the government for developing a master plan for the union territory. City Connect can be customized to Pondicherry as well. Introduction of fast trains connecting Chennai and Pondicherry is one such example which can be considered for implementation through City Connect.

Ms. Sunaina Mandeen – Topic: Regional Development Plan

Holistic development of Puducherry is important. A regional development plan comprising of Pondicherry, Auroville, Villupuram and Cuddalore will bring about growth not only to Pondicherry but the surrounding areas as well. We must learn from the past. Planned development is important. We need to develop right sustainable infrastructure. We must map natural resources, land use, existing infrastructure and then plan for new infrastructure.

Mr. R. Raghuttama Rao – Topic: PPP opportunities

When government does not have enough money, they approach private sectors. The concept of PPP model can be implemented from low-to large-scale projects. Political will and transparency is a must to enable private partners to come forward. PPP means preparing and implementing framework with guidelines that are clear, transparent and unambiguous. PPP can happen in any sector where there is not much competition. For example, tourism, infrastructure, agriculture, energy and so on. Pondicherry is recommended to firstly formulate a PPP policy. It must then build capacity within the government to understand about PPP. A PPP cell can be formed. The government should then put down guidelines, rules and regulations and thereafter look out for a suitable partner.

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