Focus Group Discussions
Focus Group Discussion on Tourism
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Representatives from the Government, NGOs and Industrialists participated in the workshop.

Discussion points

Experts discussed about the potential of the Tourism sector and how it can be harnessed to further the development of Puducherry. Promotion of tourism in the other regions like Karaikal, Yanam and Mahe were also discussed. Developing tourism service offerings like locations, packages and access infrastructure were deliberated at length. Specific initiatives to combat existing and future problems facing the growth of the tourism sector were also deliberated.

Suggestions given by the participants

High-value tourism, increasing the stay of tourists, tourists guidance/assistance infrastructure, one-stop-shop for all tourists, convention centre, civic sense and premium hotels were some of the measures proposed. Promotion of eco/rural tourism, knowledge tourism, health tourism and cultural tourism were also suggested.

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