Focus Group Discussions
Focus Group Discussion on Quality of Life
Friday, January 23, 2009

Representatives from the Government – Renewable Energy, Electricity, Health, NGOs and Industrialists participated in the workshop.

Discussion points

Experts discussed about what needs to be done to ensure a good quality of life for the citizens of Puducherry. The experts also discussed in length about other cities/states/countries which have a good quality of life and if Puducherry can emulate the success exhibited by these places in giving its citizens a good quality of life.

Suggestions given by the participants

The experts suggested that all the factors that constitute a good quality of life for citizens which includes proper sanitation, compulsory education, good healthcare, amenities, safe living, recreational space, etc is a must for people to lead a good quality of life. An Integrated approach to aid better quality of life was proposed by the group. They also said that Pondicherry must be a model for community development.

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