Focus Group Discussions
Focus Group Discussion with Academicians/ Educationists/ NGO’s
Thursday, January 22, 2009

Founders and Principals of schools and colleges, school teachers and professors participated in the workshop.

Discussion points

Challenges faced by students in Puducherry on aspects of relevance of curriculum, extent of practical learning, relevance on-the-job, examination systems, industry and institute interaction, vocational education and so on (covering school education and college education) were discussed. The experts also discussed about where we can innovate on education in schools and colleges to help increase quality of learning and employability, and also about inculcating moral leadership qualities in students.

Suggestions given by the participants

Counselling and multi-skilling for teachers, encouragement of research, importance to communication, soft and analytical skills, Institute–Industry interaction, good infrastructure in government schools, changes in exam pattern, dispensing with corporal punishment, teacher-training initiatives, quality of education, introduction of life skills in schools and colleges and so on were some of the suggestions provided by experts.

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