Focus Group Discussions
Focus Group Discussion on Agriculture/Fisheries/Animal Husbandry/ Rural Development
Thursday, January 22, 2009

Agriculturists, Directors from Government departments, representatives from Government institutions, NGO’s and Self-Help groups participated in the workshop.

Discussion points

Challenges faced by agriculture in Puducherry – availability of land, water, agri-related information access, middlemen, crops, climate, government services in agriculture, crop diversification and so on were discussed. Experts also discussed about how we can revitalise and sustain agriculture. Crop diversification, with a focus on poultry, animal husbandry and fisheries were also discussed. The groups also discussed at length on rural development and what role the self-help groups can play in the development of Puducherry.

Suggestions given by the participants

Organic farming, hybridisation, introduction of precision farming, fair pricing for farmers, life-skill training for fishermen, marketing assistance for self-help groups, water conservation, establishment of village knowledge centre, alternative crops depending on seasons and rainfall and enhancing animal husbandry to promote milk and milk products requirements were some of the suggestions provided by the experts.

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